Who is taye diggs dating now

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Check out some of the best reactions below, which range from shock and awe to a prime opportunity to poke fun at Diggs’ acting career: me: why is Taye Diggs trending? Despite fathering a child with ex-wife and Frozen actress Idina Menzel, Diggs has historically been elusive when it comes to his sexuality, telling “There’s a lot of glitter.I mean, I went through a stage where I was a drag queen in high school in tenth and eleventh grade, and I experimented with homosexuality, a– play.Season 3 of the hit FOX drama kicked off Wednesday and everyone's anticipating the arrival of Cookie's new love interest, played by steamy actor Taye Diggs. Taye landing a reoccurring role on the show didn't happen coincidentally. Taye Diggs is getting destroyed for saying he doesn't want his son to be labeled black -- but he'd like to remind all the Internet trolls ... Twitter came at Taye, hard -- saying he has "self hate issues" and "Somebody tell Taye Diggs Black man white lady = black baby, that's just how it is, bro." Well, check out Taye's reply to all the criticism ... after he did an interview telling The Grio he doesn't want his son to disrespect his mother, Idina Menzel's heritage by identifying himself as just black.

Brown’s last name comes from her previous marriage to NFL player Ralph Brown in 2010, with whom she has two children. Although Diggs and Menzel never stated why they separated, the former lovers met as members of the original Broadway cast of Rent in 1995 before tying the knot in January 2003.he not only stands his ground, he addresses this -- what if his son wants to identify as white??!!It appears Taye Diggs is ready for another shot at romance.Williams joked that Digg's liked the same taste in women from his ex.The new lady in his life is brunette like his ex-wife, Idina Menzel, and their names seemed to rhyme a bit too.

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