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"She's the perfect entertainer, the perfect host, the perfect home-maker." Her critics would argue that, by challenging American women to be as perfect as her, she is setting them an impossible task.

What modern woman has the time to make transparent organdy cushion covers that give the impression of snow? Such facts do not deter her fans, among whom Stewart inspires an extraordinary degree of loyalty and affection.

Her business empire, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, includes in its portfolio a weekly syndicated television show, watched by 5.5 million people, and a syndicated column ("Ask Martha") read by 200 million in North America.

First came an ugly feud with her East Hampton neighbour, a property tycoon called Harold Macklowe.Martha was the 2nd children of her parents out of 6.During the early phase of her life at the age of 10 she used to work as a babysitter and used to take care of the children of Mickey Mantle and Gil Mc Douglad. Apparently, this couple got divorced in 1987 with their mutual understanding and legally got separated in the year 1990. She has also created a video in relation with her pet dog and dark horse.She states all her success is all because of her hard work, concentration, dedication and goal oriented for the proper destination. It's hard to say exactly when Martha Stewart became an American icon.

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