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Hannah Neill, writer of Neill Before The Lord, shares her experience of how her Christian faith affects the way she dates… The kind that you open and genuinely have no idea what it possibly could be.It’s even more awkward when the giver is standing there in front if you, expectancy in their eyes, baited breath… Thanks so much, that is just what I wanted, how did you know….” You’re forced to fake a smile as the giver looks on with pride. Confined to the back of a cupboard, only to be brought out on special occasions when the giver is around. Keeping it well hidden, putting God at the back of my mind and only bringing him out on a Sunday, or when I needed to pass an exam I hadn’t studied for. I try and see everything through the lens of Jesus and that includes dating.I'm passionate about community, mission and social justice.

But honour each other’s peace of mind and always be honest.

I pray that God will give us his protection and also make this relationship strong so that we can also be a testimony of true love found through dating website.

Let me use this as an opportunity to introduce myself to you.

And by listening I don’t mean simply hearing what the other person is saying, but actually just waiting for them to finish so you can speak your mind. Surprise dates are so called because it comes as a surprise to me that they even are dates. Kindness, integrity and honesty are up there, along with slightly more shallow requirements such as being insanely hot, playing the guitar and singing like Justin Timberlake. But when I stopped relying on Hollywood and started listening to Jesus, I realised that when it comes to Christian dating, there is no formula or tick list.

Real listening is paying complete attention to someone, genuinely caring about what they have to say. It’s all very friendly until he insists on paying for everything and then the alarm bells sound. Now, there is a high probability that I’m just completely oblivious and slightly stupid, but honouring means being clear with your intentions. Standards are definitely not a bad thing, but dating isn’t simply about me. There is no one way to begin a relationship, to stay in a relationship or to end a relationship.

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