Updating sprint towers

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It also allows you to roam on other networks, if there is not a cell phone tower for your network in the area.

Most phones automatically update the PRL, but you can do it manually if you are finding it hard to get a signal.

Press the "Menu" application and access the "Setting and Tools" menu.

Select "About Phone," "General" or "Phone Info" from the settings menu.

Sometimes it feels as if windy days can affect your signal. Just remember this, less things between your cell phone and the cell tower, the easier the two can keep communicating. Sometimes, a slight move here or there can drastically change reception. Knowing the closest cell phone tower locations helps tremendously when it comes to getting the best reception: the closer your phone is to the tower, the better the signal strength.

Antenna Search: It looks old and takes a bit of time to load, but the amount of data it provides is best-in-class.

Updating your phone once a month will ensure that you always have the best Sprint connections available no matter where you may be. Ask them to flag your account for the Preferred Roaming list.

Your account has to be flagged in order for you to be able to update your phone.

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After you click the Update button, the carrier settings are immediately updated, and you’re good to go. It’s really important to do these carrier updates, because unlike updating to the latest i OS, carrier updates solve actual problems.

These updates are now automatically sent to your phone.

Turn your phone off, then back on, then go to: Settings -- More -- Data -- Update Profile.

And nothing is more essential to smartphones than cellular service.

See what happens when you get spotty to no service: Raise your hand if you've ever clinged to one bar of service, praying, pleading, and promising to be a new person just for the connection to hold on.

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