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The Support Plan is only available for current products and can only be purchased as part of a bundle with a current Progeny product.

If you own a previous version of a Progeny product, these bundles are also available at special upgrade pricing.

It comprehensively covers support and annual maintenance and is a renewable annual plan to keep your software up to date and provide access to valuable support.

Your first year of PSP is included with your Progeny purchase.

The full list of announced of cross platform games is (millsjonah) So, are they going to sell vita games as redeemable codes (for example, I go to gamestop, where I'll buy a card with a code that I'll use to redeem a game on PSN)? Could the ps vita go online like the playstation 3.

If so, can I buy it in USA, but redem it on my UK account? If you want to add funds to your UK account and live in the US you can order cards off of uk or just buy physical copies. For example playing little big planet with your friends online?

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i.e., if Game A is available on the PSN for both Vita and PS3, and you buy it once, that would mean you have both versions etc? And if you go to PS VITA games then cross compatible game it will show you the ps3 and vita games but you will have to download PS3 and vita version seperately.(Hermanny) You can not buy codes for vita games in the gamestop store but you can buy PSN cards which will add funds to your account in stores. (mad902) You can play vita and PS3 but it is most likely only for user levels because they probably won't have the same levels (millsjonah) 'Can i change ONLY the ac power cord fot the ps vita? And, is it the full game for both Vita and PS3 for one price, or is it just to share saves?not the adaptor, cuz it's not compatible in my country'. (tito9114) Once you download the PS3 or Vita version you will be able to download the other one for free.Unfortunately when I tried to download from the cloud back up to my new memory card I got all sorts of error messages, and it hasn`t transferred my game saves, or apps like Facebook or Netflix.Did I do something wrong, or is the cloud storage just not suitable for backups to a new memory stick ?

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