Updating firmware on scalar 100

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I've got both my lto3 and lto4 library set to automatic and the life counter on the cleaning tape basically never decrements which means they aren't requesting to be cleaned very often.

Unless you are packing dirt into your LTO tapes before loading them into the library, you should be getting way more than 100 hours of drive time between cleanings.

I don't know what type of drives Dell is OEMing in their libraries, but there should be a tool available that lets you run diagnostics and view information about the drives directly through their attached hosts. I doubt that I clean all 8 of my LTO4/5 drives more than once a half year. I've never cleaned them in over 3 years we've had them.

Sometimes a clean request is spawned due to bad/dirty media in my library and those make up most of the cleaning requests from the drives. I remember cleaning Compaq DLT40/80 drives every few months back in them days. Well having spoken to Dell and had them analyse the drive logs I have two new drives on the way out.

The LTO Drives should be cleaned when the drive issues either a Tape Alert 20 or Tape Alert 21 cleaning request.

I think that covers everyone who actually makes LTO drives...if the drives are requesting cleaning on a frequent basis, then I'd think about either what brand of media you are using, how old the media is, or how 'dirty' your environment is.

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