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To use the EXTFSK port, select EXTFSK from the PTT port drop-down list in MMTTY Setup window. DLL must exist in the same folder where MMTTY is installed.For more information, refer to the following web site.

(FT-1000MP,...)" entry to "Yaesu FT 1000D, 1000MP, 920" *** renamed the previous "Yaesu VU?

DLL required) - Added an option to accommodate J-BELL and S-BELL code sets - Improved the program termination speed - Supported WM_MOUSEWHEEL message - Fixed some minor bugs ================================== Improvement on the low-level sound processing ================================== The low-level sound processing has been improved.

The user can preset the sizes of TX and RX FIFO buffers even independently.

(FT-736, FT-847)" entry to "Yaesu FT 736, 817, 847, 857, 897" *** added a "Yaesu FT 9000, 2000, 950, 450" entry (tnx to Joe W4TV and Art W2NRA) *** renamed the previous "Kenwood" entry to "Kenwood, Elecraft" (tnx to Joe W4TV) - renamed the "Commands" panel's "VFO Polling" selector to "Model", and added entries for the Yaesu FT 9000, 2000, 950, and 450 (tnx to Joe W4TV) *********************************************************************** Revision history Ver1.65 - Ver1.65D (JE3HHT) *********************************************************************** - Added a gateway to Turbo Hamlog/Win version 5 (Tnx to JG1MOU) - Fixed minor bugs *********************************************************************** Revision history Ver1.64 - Ver1.65 (JE3HHT) *********************************************************************** - Fixed a bug that caused the uncertain transmission in the remote mode.

- Fixed minor bugs *********************************************************************** Revision history Ver1.63 - Ver1.64 (JE3HHT) *********************************************************************** - Improved the TX/RX switching speed in FSK - Added custom log link - Added custom Radio Command - Added custom sound - Added custom TNC emulation - Fixed minor bugs *********************************************************************** Revision history Ver1.62 - Ver1.63 (JE3HHT) *********************************************************************** - Improved the low-level sound buffer processing - Added the full-duplex mode - Added TX offset for the soundcard - Supported BARTG contest (serial number UTC) - Moved the RX log settings from the setup menu to the File menu - Added JST245 support in frequency polling - Added a menu for the version up information - Added EXTFSK port (EXTFSK.

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