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" It sounds a bit quaint now, but many (OK, maybe six?

) years ago, absurdist voice-overs could rule the internet. In March 2013, actor Danny De Vito tweeted "Antonin Scalia retire bitch." His reasons for doing so are still unclear. It's actually pretty surprising that Michael Jackson didn't produce MORE meme-able moments, considering he's the King of Pop and once dangled his baby from a balcony.

The Dancing Baby launched a million Geo Cities pages, and remains the pure representation of the internet's infant (hehe) stage.

Trump's Pepe Coalition releases all the Rare Pepes they have in eleventh-hour #Rainof Frogs campaign. Q4t Re Xey Nq YD— Know Your Meme (@knowyourmeme) November 8, 2016 There's a -1,362% chance that Matt Furie envisioned his Pepe the Frog character becoming an icon of Nazi sympathizers and alt-right Twitter eggs, but here we are.

Keep in mind, however, that Pepe is so much more than the surreal manifestation of America's warped political environment.

Andre the Giant was the gargantuan professional wrestling star whose size led to wild apocryphal claims, like the story that he drank 156 (or was it 127?

From there, it slid into a thousand email inboxes (remember, this was still when snail mail wasn't called snail mail) and became the internet's first true phenomenon, culminating in a recurring role alongside confused '90s lawyer Ally Mc Beal.

An OG cat meme that has taken on new macro-meaning in the age of constant government surveillance. Now, it can exist in virtually any format: on political macros, on group texts, in Vines (RIP), as its very own song, on top of other memes... Evolving from a piece of performance art to an exclamation point at the end of fail videos to a mainstream sensation, Fatso the tabby paved the way for dozens of future animal supawstars.

Ceiling Cat is watching you illegally download NSA documents you acquired through your private contracting gig! Originally, the song behind this video was the story of "a man, Johnny, riding his horse across the American prairie to his sweetheart Mary, who knits socks as she waits his return." Then it lost its lyrics, and now you can send it to anyone you'd like to shut up and/or troll. Nothing infuriates an angry or jealous person more than trivializing his rage or jealousy, which is exactly what the always appropriate response "U mad bro? The simpler "You mad" first came to prominence when Cam'ron shut down Bill O'Reilly during a segment on whether rap was harmful to children (thank God those days are over... Andre the Giant is the quintessential example of an ever-evolving meme that crossed from the physical realm to the cold ones and zeroes of the internet.

Vice presidents who don't become president typically fade into obscurity, but we'll take Prankster Biden over President Biden any day.

Though the meme-stream media was charged with killing Dat Boi, the polarizing green frog that briefly invaded Tumblr and Twitter via unicycle, that doesn't mean you have to completely forget about the unexplainable joys he and his brothers gave the world.

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