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And while maybe "unofficially" they may be/have, there is one DVD, and I forget which one, but Tony says something along the lines of, "The beautiful Dreya Webber..." and then after the rest, something like, "That lucky Nick Warner!

" Or something like that for this "Nick's" last name.

Tony Horton is the son of Anthony Sawyer Horton (Sr.) and Jean (née Gencarelli), Horton.

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I was just amazed when I found out he was in his 50's. Now for me, the guy with the long hair, bandana and the boat is the one that makes my heart skip an extra beat LOL (can't remember which one of the workout he does). On Tony's FB page it says he's interested in women... "You are one adjustment away from achievement." ~Dr.My Comments: During round 1 of P90X, I kept wondering what Dreya’s voice really sounded like, because of the silly accents she used in her brief chats with Tony.Nevertheless, I was amazed at the number of pull ups she could do.She returned from Mexico to attend Hunter College in New York City.She performed aerial silk at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

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