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The judicial system is crowded as offenders are prosecuted and jailed.

All of those affected can be benefited if they share information and resources to respond to these crimes and their victims.

The project is being conducted by partner agencies in these parishes on the front lines of addressing domestic violence (see list below). The funding will pay for victim and prevention services on site in each parish as well as the many print materials to be distributed and the public awareness campaigns to be run in each parish.

They have regular quarterly meetings as a Task Force (see photos at left) to share information and resources. A: A survey conducted February 2008 showed that communities in the five S. Much of this work will be donated by many area agencies, volunteers, and businesses. Many different area agencies deal with those coping with or fleeing from domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

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Stalking is also specifically prohibited by the criminal codes of every state in America.

This is a technique that has been tried and proven successful in communities and states across the country including in Louisiana.

More people who need help get it, more help is available, and more citizens can recognize when they are at risk of being victimized by one of these crimes and know where to get help.

domestic counterintelligence operations of this type are – apparently – perpetrated by federal agents and intelligence/security contractors, sometimes with the support of state and local law enforcement personnel.

operations of this type are, apparently, perpetrated by private investigators and vigilantes – including many former agents and cops, some of whom are members of the quasi-governmental Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU), sometimes on behalf of corporate clients and others with connections to the public and private elements of America’s security industry.

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