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(Check out our interactive exit poll graphic here.) -- Rep.

Scott Taylor, a Republican who represents Virginia Beach, said both Democrats and Republicans registered their disenchantment with Trump.

Unofficial returns showed Democrats unseating at least 11 Republicans and flipping three seats that had been occupied by GOP incumbents who didn’t seek reelection.

Four other races were so close that they qualify for a recount, and results will determine control of the chamber.

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Married women consisted of 30 percent of Virginia voters this year, about the same share as in 20.

Marshall, a 13-term incumbent who called himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” and earlier this year introduced a “bathroom bill” that died in committee. Several other Democrats who won these down-ballot races are going to have national profiles: In southwest Virginia, former television news anchor Chris Hurst — whose girlfriend was fatally shot during a live broadcast in 2015 — toppled Republican incumbent Joseph Yost. Terry Mc Auliffe (D), who is term-limited and could use the gains as a rationale to run for president in 2020. “I always say you’re going to get it back because you have to say that politically, but in my mind I was thinking six to eight [seats gained] would have been a great night for the Democrats,” he told one of my colleagues.

“Discrimination is a disqualifier,” Roem said in her victory speech, per Antonio Olivo. Virginia’s General Assembly has a well-earned reputation as an old boy’s club, but the composition of the body changed bigly last night: All 14 of the seats that Democrats flipped are held by GOP men. MORE ON TURNOUT: -- Trump proved to be just the boogeyman that Democrats have needed to galvanize their liberal base for an off-year election when Obama was not on the ballot: 28 percent of voters identified as liberals in preliminary exit polls, up eight points from the 2013 governor’s race and two points from last year.

Democrats desperately needed some wins after they went all-in on a House special election in Georgia this spring and lost. The results across the country represent nothing less than a stinging repudiation of Trump on the first anniversary of his election.

-- Democrat Ralph Northam was elected governor of Virginia Tuesday by an unexpectedly large margin of nine percentage points.

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