Rainie yang dating joseph chang

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Two strangers, both proposed marriage to their respective girl/boyfriend, were rejected on the same day.

They decided that the best way to deal with the rejection was to get drunk, really drunk.

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The first take was so awkward they needed to film it again, which went much better after Rainie told Joseph to just go for it. Rainie also felt that doing such an intimate scene with someone she just met was like being tossed into a pool and learning how to swim, forcing the two of them to get comfortable with each other quickly, and allowing them to develop onscreen chemistry much quicker.It’s just adorable to ship them as Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru.Yen J‘s album dropped over the weekend, so I’m also bringing you the download link for the second song from his album which shows up in the DTLY OST called “It’s not like this will take away the loneliness” 又不是這樣就不孤獨.I guess I’m trying to say – it’s totally not random at all to do a joint post on Joseph Chang and Mike He!Joseph was a Taiwanese movie actor first and foremost, rarely venturing to television, but we all got lucky when he decided to do an idol drama with idol drama queen Rainie Yang.

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