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Take my recommendation and STAY AWAY from Brookside Dental. We're adding products daily, and continually improving the store.And, my 6yr old son's teeth were never even cleaned..polished!!! I went to this dentist for the first time to get a simple cleaning and schedule a future appointment for any further work that needed to be done.When we tried to express our dissatisfaction, we were told, okay, go ahead & ask for another dentist. After I checked in with the receptionist and was escorted from the waiting room, I told the woman who was about to take my x-rays that the last time I saw a dentist was about 6 months ago.

She then told me that she would not be able to see me because my insurance didnt cover fillings, but fillings are covered under my insurance.

My 6 yr old was left mid polish on the table, holding the spit vaccum that was still on, while our assistant went to answer the phone & was gone for 10 minutes.

DDS came in after the polish, did a quick exam, then left us in the room without any instructions if we needed to stay, were okay to leave, nothing.

Our entire staff loves to go wheelin' on the weekends, and we love what we do.

To contact our sales department, please email us at [email protected] for support or questions at [email protected], or If you'd like to visit us call (530) 622-2148 for directions to our shop.

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