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In a nutshell, Hillary waited two years for a bike, having paid a £12,000 deposit.

It took the threat of a winding up order for him to finally get his money back, despite a personal meeting with Norton’s CEO, during the course of which the charismatic Mr.

But nothing was followed up, and the rumours kept on coming.

Prompted by an email from a disgruntled customer, we decided to investigate – since no one else seemed to be bothering.

Garner made promises about delivery which were never kept, another familiar refrain from customers, suppliers and dealers alike.

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Reassured by positive Norton coverage in MCN on 1/8/11, Clare took out a loan and paid up. In March 2012, three weeks before a winding up order taken out on Clare’s behalf was due to be enforced against them, Norton finally paid out. ” We ordered and paid a £1500 deposit for a dual seat café racer for my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary in Feb. Eventually we reached them and were told by the Sales Manager, Craig Lormer that there was a problem with the parts for the dual seat, hence the delay, and that the bike was now scheduled for delivery in late September. We were willing to maintain the order as long as they returned all our money bar the deposit and gave us a new delivery date.

Most recently, they were spotted in New York having dinner and in Paris after the actor wrapped filming for podcast.

She originally told them, "[Jamie] is very happy with her." However, soon after, she said she "misspoke.""I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all," Jordan said.

"I was at a club the other night and a group of girls shouted my name. ' and they said, 'We go to school with your daughter!

' You have to be so careful."Though Foxx alludes to being single, he and Holmes have sparked romance rumors since 2013 and have occasionally been seen together in public.

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