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Round 1: Each table will have 2 guys and 2 girls sitting across each other. This is a fair policy so that everyone gets to meet each person. You don't want to say to yourself " I liked that girl I wish I had more time". SWAYAMWAR WILL BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST EVENT OF THIS YEAR PLEASE DON'T MISS THIS OUT!!

She holds a MS degree in Publishing from Pace University and a dual undergraduate degree from Fairfield University.

Jessica Napp is our new VP of Communications and the Associate Director of Publicity for Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.

She focuses on publicizing and marketing lifestyle books ranging from interior design and fashion, to cooking, photography, and pop culture.

SWAYAMVAR in NEW YORK & NJ Ages 25 ( /- 3 yrs is allowed) We are planning to bring an event to NYC that will be the biggest ever! In this round the boys will move and girls will be given specific tables. Only 2 choices of opposite gender and go on a date same day.

This is for people looking for: Partner To date someone Marriage People from all states come out and meet singles - New York / New Jersey / Phil / CT / MA – All come out! When we meet one person we want to find a better one! Online Dating / Phone Apps (Tinder) are not helping you reach anywhere. Event Details: First round is introduction of everyone attending the event. You will write the names of the people and go for 5 min. The whole point is to go on a date and get the process started.

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