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Finally I notice an older man walking towards us and my cigarette is almost finished so I assume worst comes to worst, this guy will be near if anything happens.I glance back at my phone and hear what I assume are the older man’s footsteps approaching.As I said earlier, who would try to trespass when they could clearly see someone was home?

From POTUSKNOPE: I have a lot of weird encounters outside my office on my smoke breaks, but I think this one takes the cake, even with how anticlimactic it was.

He asks me for a cigarette, so I give him one and he just continues to sit there with it unlit.

I can’t fight my manners so I ask him if he needs a light and he gives me a gloved double-thumbs up and stares at me.

Reddit Let's Not Meet is a part of the Internet that should really come with a warning.

If one is not careful, they can fall down a rabbit hole full of chilling tales that will make any normal person paranoid of the outside world.

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