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The trick here is that some people may enter 1/1/2012, others may enter 01/01/2012, and still others may try to use 1-1-12.

In my mind, all of these should resolve to the same date.

For the purposes of my project, I have achieved these requirements.

The control has flaws to this point, in terms of general use (limiting the acceptable centuries comes immediately to mind), but it is a starting point.

Fill(dsattendance, "attendance") Msg Box("Attendance Marked for " & txtdate.

Selected Item) & "','" & percent & " '") dbadapter.

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The complete source code for this project (with a silly demo) is available on Github as a VS 2010 solution. For example, in entering form data for a person, we may or may not know their Date of Birth. While there are hacks and workarounds for this, most require some sort of painful validation checking in our code Never mind that the Date Time Picker is not the preferred data-entry choice for people who know how to tab through fields. Once upon a time, way back in MS Access, there existed a decent masking approach for entering date values into a textbox.

But adapting the code to recognize and work with some other format should be a small problem.

In any case, the following code defines a class, method.

Most importantly, I have set the mask and the prompt character to the standard format, using private constants.

The mask format 00/00/0000 requires integers where the zero placeholders are, and ignores non-integer entries. This is set to true immediately after the mask is set in the constructor.

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