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ALS (Lou Gehrig) Society The local ALS Society of (Windsor) Essex County has been in existence since 1984 and serves Windsor-Essex County as well as Chatham Kent.ALS Society is volunteer driven and helps families by providing equipment and services to those who are living with an ALS diagnosis.Coping with Caregiving This support group meets monthly and is open to any adult who is providing physical and/or emotional support to someone living with a life-altering diagnosis.Themes of the group will include coping with the extra work of being a caregiver, changing roles in the family, self-care for care-givers, advocating and planning for the care of their loved one.

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This program is open to patients, caregivers and families.Additionally, the Wellness Centre provides outreach programs and services that offer comfort and emotional support to those most in need in our community.With more than 47 programs and services, the Wellness Centre receives more than 400 visits a month from patients and caregivers.There are a wide variety of programs that will enhance your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.The programs will also help to support, educate and empower you when dealing with a life-altering diagnosis.

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