Learning dating etiquette

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“I expected it to make me happy and earn me respect.Boy, was I wrong.” The Silver Lining Lesson: This kind of career reality check can inspire soul-searching—and ultimately lead you in an unexpected, more satisfying direction.Here are 5 free websites to learn manners and etiquette for those who socialize every now and then.These Websites help you learn all important etiquettes including table manners, restaurant etiquette, business dining etiquette, dinner party etiquette and many more.

Manners cost us nothing, yet, earn us respect if we use them.That’s the situation Golda Manuel found herself in when, at 28, she scored a pharmacist position at a health care company in San Francisco.“My attraction to the job was the breadth of impact I thought I could have, but there was no time to focus on one customer—it was very impersonal,” recalls Manuel.Take Manuel, who cofounded Social Scout, an app that helps small business sellers succeed on Amazon—a complete 180 from her pharmacist gig.“I’m now able to speak to fellow small business owners to understand their growing pains, and work in a community with a common goal and purpose,” she says.

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