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Although this has obvious advantages, it is often too resource demanding to reach a larger audience and obtain a broad sample.In experimental psychological research the control of confounding variables is weighed against the degree of ecological validity; usually aiming to maximize control at the expense of ecological validity (Brunswik, 1947).However, the advent of handheld mobile devices (MDs; e.g., smartphones) with processing power comparable to stationary systems has opened the door to transferring experiments from the laboratory to real-life settings while maintaining control over stimulus presentation.

The exclusion criteria were as follows: left-handedness (self-report), more than three homonym errors (see below), less than six overall correct reports, and more than 20% hearing asymmetry at either time point (inferred from hearing test results administered as part of the application). The stimulus material was based on the standard Bergen DL paradigm (Hugdahl, 2003), using the six CV syllables/ba/, /da/, /ga/, /ta/, /ka/, and /pa/ as stimulus material.

Importantly, the size of the REA was not dependent on whether the participants chose to listen to the syllables in their native language or not.

Together, these results establish the current MD version as a valid and reliable method for administering the DL paradigm both in experimentally controlled as well as uncontrolled settings.

A review of various types of behavioral data collection using smartphone technology and their limitations is presented by Miller (2012).

The objective of the present experiments was to examine the feasibility of paradigms implemented via MDs for the purposes of laterality research.

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