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The site presents a bunch of models performing online, with a minimum of 300 performers online at anytime of the day/night 24/7.

READ FULL ARTICLEIf you prefer not to use a pre-chat form, you can disable the feature in the “Style” tab, under the “Chat Box Settings” section.

Please note, in order to disable the pre-chat form, you will need to fill in the “First chat message” box before saving.

Jasmin has been tagged with german, english, sales and support, Jon with english, french, spanish, mandarin and support…

READ FULL ARTICLERouting by Tag is an advanced feature, available only on Premier Accounts, which enables routing of chats to the most appropriate agent based on skill-set, language, specialty etc.

READ FULL ARTICLEThere are two types of chats, proactive chat and reactive chat.

The reassignment will be triggered in case the Chat Agent doesn’t reply to the chat after a specified amount of time.

The system will search automatically for the next available Chat Agent.

Once all the agents in Tier 1 are maxed out – reached … The page that appears will be your Agent Settings – Chat Agents page. For Chat System, please select Snap Engage Chat Portal. READ FULL ARTICLE Style Settings tab of your Admin Dashboard settings depending on your layout and select ‘Enable chat session to continue across sub-domains of your site’.

READ FULL ARTICLETo get started, you will want to configure your agent(s) to use the Snap Engage Chat Portal.

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