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In order to get to the open-hearted, honest, loving communication we all crave — we need to begin to recognize and move away from the raised-voice or talk-to-the-hand variety.

Ava invites us all to try our hand at goddess-woman language by using statements such as: “Goddess women use words that convey love, compassion, kindness, affirmation, and honesty,” says Miles.

Here are the common strategies or phrases people use in relationships that continuously feed on drama: * You never do anything special for me * You always say you’re going to do it and then you don’t * You always forget about me * You’re not giving me enough * You’re not pulling your weight * This isn’t good enough * I need more from you * I want more from you * This isn’t working * I need you to do better than this Miles says, “Goddess women speak differently.

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A physically attractive person that one enjoys the company of is hard to resist.Ava Miles, who has recently released a new series of non-fiction books, is helping women let themselves be more comfortable expressing their inner goddesses.Miles shares with us on how to handle and what to say when someone hurts our feelings through her series “The Goddess Guides to Being a Woman.” If you read “Goddesses Don’t Do Drama: Removing Toxicity from Relationships,”which is one of the books from the series, it helps people get through relationship moments when they are feeling hurt or angry. What’s one of Ava’s secrets in knowing what to say when someone hurts your feelings? According to Miles, many of us never learned how to express anger and sadness.“Sure, we all have moments when we might not be able to package our feelings and thoughts into a big red bow, and that’s okay.We can be honest about that too.” Learn more information by visiting No matter social status, race, gender or religion, we all experience relationship challenges from time to time but there’s a hidden cause behind relationship drama and a way to end it once and for all.

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