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I also suggest volunteering for field work (e.g., research cruises) both within an academic setting, and agency setting (e.g., National Marine Fisheries Service, U. Geological Survey, California Department of Fish and Game).

In addition, learn how to apply science to the real world.

A: While satisfying my general education requirements for my A. degree in Liberal Arts (with an emphasis in Tourism) at Cañada College, I took a Botany class.

Current job position and location: Research Specialist, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Contact information: Some questions for Erica: Q: Why did you decide to pursue marine science/come to Moss Landing?

Year finished at Moss Landing: 1999 Lab while at Moss Landing: Ichthyology Undergraduate education: A. I did very well, and the instructor encouraged me to take his Marine Biology class.The worlds oceans as seen from the South Pacific Ocean (from Okeanos, Greek for river, the ancient Greeks noticed that a strong current flowed off Gibraltar, and assumed it was a great river); covers almost three quarters (71%) of the surface of the Earth, and nearly half of the...If thresher shark populations are genetically distinct, then management guidelines aimed at large geographic areas could be inappropriate, leading to the permanent loss of regional populations and decreasing their genetic diversity and evolutionary potential.My thesis was entitled, “Radiometric Age Determination of the Giant Grenadier (Albatrossia pectoralis) Using 210Pb:226Ra Disequilibria.” For more info, see At the time, giant grenadier was being captured in large numbers in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea without a stock assessment.

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