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Store a random string of characters instead, combine the password and this random string (that’s “salting” the string to vary its flavour), and pass the salted password through a non-reversible cryptographic function to get a message digest code (that’s “hashing” the data by slicing, dicing and stirring together the salted input in a digital mixing bowl).

That’s right: another day, another shed-load of password hashes in the hands of crooks.

If you’re not sure if your information was part of this breach, you can check using Leaked Source’s search.

And if you’d like to know how to pick a proper password, then we can help you with that.

It’s a music tracking and analytics service where users sign up to share what their favorite music is so they can discover who they’re frequently listening to, what other artists they might like, or talk to other fans of their favorite groups.

It was a pretty unique service when it first came out in the early 2000s, and it hit its peak popularity around 2009/2010.

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