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drinks at bar not brill at all.5room was dated shower with VERY good ,bed hard as bricks, no nets curtain so next door could see in and outside room not brill with drinks making in bedrooms.6.

things that were not working soon got fix.7.their was dust on bedroom floor that was till there at the end of wk .8. Very dimly lit bar area and entertainment lounge, very offputting. hot coldthe main Bar has Football matches on a large screen almost every night so is very noisy - not nice.2.

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We didnt speak to anyone during our stay that actually liked this hotel. If your paying/expecting a reasonable 4* then you may be happy here, but not when you paid a lot for a 5T/5* and got much less !!

Thompsons should be ashamed for selling this hotel as a 5T premier hotel.

Hotel Bar Staff: Very rude there will serve you 2 drinks and walk away and blank you till there are ready to come back, as at one time there was 4 Adults and 5 kids it was a nightmare getting a round in, you had to go to there end of the bar as there would not serve you otherwise.

I think you would have more chance of Hell freezing over than getting me to go there again!

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