F cam chat

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- Do not worry, if you threaten her to repeat what she will be silent as a fish! I highly recommend F 303 cam for the price you will not be disappointed, great sound and performance at about 4000 RPM it really kicks in. On idle its a little low but enough to know your packing something under the hood, but when you stand on it the exhaust sound comes alive with that 5.0 growling sound.It's a great Cam for racing or everyday driving I Recommend replacing the push rods with Hardend Rods and also replace Lifters, thats what I did just to play it safe. Will a f-303 cam work with a stock intake on a 1987 mustang?I've got a 40 over flat top bottom end and a stock set of heads I'm wanting to know if the f-303 cam will work with those parts.I've got a guy wanting to sale a set of cobre gt 40 heads and intake with 1.70 roller rockers but if I don't have to have them then I would perfer to stick with what I have.

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