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Turner is expected to don a white dress by Giorgio Armani.

Turner, 73, and Bach, 57, have been living together in Switzerland for 18 years.

Here, Pastor Lutzer explores some biblical thinking that can save a marriage gone wrong.

Q: Can God ever bless a foolish vow—can He bless a marriage that really should not have happened? As for foolish vows, Joshua made a foolish vow with the Gibeonites because “he did not ask the counsel of the Lord” (Joshua ), and God made the best of his wrong decision.

We expect our mates to always do what we want, and that each of us will always put the other first in the relationship.

In short, we expect marriage to bring the happiness that really only God can give us!

The New Testament is clear that we should avoid such responses.

Without facing these matters realistically through confession and counseling, it is doubtful that couples will find themselves in a happy, committed relationship.

Third, most of us go into marriage expecting more from the relationship than it can deliver.

Jesus Himself did not retaliate, but “He entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly” (1 Peter ).

He was willing to wait for God to bring justice to His situation.

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