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The good friend that he is, David Archuleta went to Club57 and watched Charice perform. BTW, Charice and David Archuleta did a duet in “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, included in David Archuleta’s Christmas album released in December 2009.

It all started when Charice performed for New York’s largest gay dance party in Club57. Charice invited her friend David Archuleta to watch her perform. I just didn’t want you guys to be worried so had to let you guys know the facts Ang masasabi ko lang, bonggacious na talaga si Charice! Ang mga intriga sa kanya e sa US na, at di na ang kanyang mudrabels (LOL).

Zyrus announced in June 2017 that he has adopted his current name, discontinued the use of "Charice Pempengco" as his name, and disclosed that he had had both breasts removed and had begun testosterone treatment.

In 2005, Zyrus joined Little Big Star, a talent show in the Philippines loosely patterned after American Idol.

During a Billboard Live Q & A on Monday, November 29, Charice answered questions from fans who are curious of what's going on between them.

A fan wrote, "Charice you sing love songs w/so much emotion, are you thinking of somebody while singing? " Charice replied, "First of all, I am friends with David and he is a great guy.

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