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Sexy Australians like the Hemsworth brothers may have influenced the second place results, while Pakistani men (hey Zayn Malik! Danish dudes and Spanish studs completed the top ten.

Pakistan Table of Contents In early 1994, the population of Pakistan was estimated to be 126 million, making it the ninth most populous country in the world.

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world with an inverse sex ratio: official sources claim there are 111 men for every 100 women.

In late December 1971, the population was estimated at 65.2 million.

In an attempt to control the population problem, the government introduced several new programs.

In 1952 the Family Planning Association of Pakistan, an NGO, initiated efforts to contain population growth.

Three years later, the government began to fund the association and noted the need to reduce population growth in its First Five-Year Plan (1955-60).

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