Crispen glover dating amanda haurd

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They met about two years ago, at a Playboy Mansion Halloween party.

She was dressed as a sexy FBI agent, he as Adolf Hitler, as Hitler would have dressed had he been going to a masquerade ball.

Fairly soon, Lauren tells the story of their courtship.

"But what's really normal and what's really weird, you know?

"Glover's mother was a classically trained dancer; his father, Bruce, is a working actor who teaches acting and has appeared in 68 films, including .

Glover didn't start dating girls until he moved away from home, at the age of 18; a year later, he lost his virginity to a girl from his acting school, who committed suicide years later, "so that's a little disturbing." He has had his heart messed with in the past and in the present has said, grimly, that it will never happen again.

He's also firm about not wanting children and not going out with anyone who wants children.

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