Consolidating windows domains

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Restructuring AD DS domains within a forest helps you decrease the administrative overhead for your organization by reducing replication traffic, reducing the amount of user and group administration that is required, and simplifying the administration of Group Policy.For more information, see ADMT v3.1 Migration Guide ( For a list of detailed tasks that you can use to plan and deploy AD DS in an organization that is running Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, see Checklist: Deploying AD DS in a Windows Server 2003 Organization.

My company wants to consolidate our two domains into a single one..really have no need for two anymore.

Adprep extends the AD DS schema, updates default security descriptors of selected objects, and adds new directory objects as required by some applications.

Adprep is available on the Windows Server 2008 installation disk (\sources\adprep\adprep.exe). The following illustration shows the steps for deploying Windows Server 2008 AD DS in a network environment that is currently running Windows Server 2003 Active Directory.

I would like to start with connecting my two current servers.

Thanks It's difficult to tell what is being asked here.

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