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Our labour market system seems to condone mediocrity, due to the Swapo government's job entitlement scheme, which has led to the saturation of our public sector with inadequately skilled staff running the state administration.*** *** SMS Of The Day I WOULD like to join in condemning people who run to an accident scene, such as the one on 2 November on the Okahandja-Windhoek road, for the sole purpose of taking pictures and just staring at seriously injured or even deceased people.DARING thieves hit the police's drug law enforcement division's warehouse in the southern industrial area of Windhoek on Sunday night, and an unknown quantity of confiscated illicit drugs, alcohol and money was stolen.THERE are currently 101 female offenders at different correctional facilities countrywide with the exception of Windhoek, where the female section was closed in 2009 to convert it into a rehabilitation programming facility.Expectations become so high that one’s judgment is biased and overly critical.

‘Dates’ do not exist anymore because we ‘get to know’ the other person online.So I took a second to look back and consider my own experience. The second time we had even more fun and ended up making out. There was no first date, there was no going to a restaurant, there were just two people hanging out and attracted to each other.I met this American guy in Paris, last year, random situation, friend of friend. I am not saying this kind of casual encounter is representative of the whole population, but talking with friends from here made it seem something common.Why not respect the decisions made by communities according to their customary laws and recognise their choice of leader? We’re so happy to kick off our fifth annual Motherhood Around the World series with Kaylan Reid Shipanga in Namibia.

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