Chatroulette виртуальный секс

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Sunset on the beach, plenty of locals enjoying the evening. Armed guards protecting the bikes at no extra charge. At dinner we decided to get an early start the next day so Saturday morning we were on the road by trying to beat the heat and get to the Honduras border at a reasonable hour.We ended up getting to the border crossing about noon and started the three and one half hour process to get six motorcycles exported from El Salvador and imported into Honduras.View from the hotel resturant the next morning Nice rooms After a hard day riding on Thursday we decided to have a late start on Friday and a shorter ride to another beach hotel somewhere along the coast.We ended up near La Libertad about 55 miles from our start point and after our usual routine finding a hotel checked into a place on the beach by PM.Once we got our passports stamped they gave us the smallest piece of paper that literally was the size of a fortune in a fortune cookie.We had no idea what that was for but assumed it was important and that we shouldn’t loose it no matter what.When we arrived the heavily armed guard seem shocked to have guests and eventually led us to the reception office.

The line for the window is on the right and the people wandering around are the money changers and fixers.

Oh, we were in the sun and it was nearly 100 degrees.

After that paperwork was complete we gathered and moved the BMW parade to the next checkpoint.

Here it is: We stopped at a gas station just outside the border to fill up the tanks which would give us enough gas to transverse Honduras without filling up.

We were immediately solicited by at least a half dozen “fixers”, people who want to “help” us get across the border easier.

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