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Indeed, the application lets you create and upload your own emoticons to the interface and also change the text codes if needed.

Apart from that, users can also set specific permissions to control user and administration level security permission.

The rate of new Digimon species continuously increase as the Digital World expands each year. It was mentioned that, if a partner Digimon were to be separated from their partner, then they would start to become weaker.

An example of this is Yolei Inoue's partner, Poromon.

Digi Chat are now able to communicate with other users via voice and video.

Simple to use, this feature allow users to initiate a voice and video chat with privately or in group.

Its internal codec is designed to compress voice from 2 to 44kbps.

Nearly all functions are customizable which makes it more interesting.Gays, lesbians and singles are more than welcome to participate.The best part of these chat rooms are that they are 100% FREE with no sign up or registration required.Old Digimon and Digimon who receive fatal wounds dissolve into in this way will sometimes retain some or all their memories of their previous lifespan.However, if a Digimon's data is "downloaded" as demonstrated in Digimon Tamers, in which all the data of a dying Digimon is absorbed by another, or if the data is completely deleted or destroyed, as happens in Digimon Data Squad, it will permanently die.

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