Bungie armor not updating

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The armor is visually identical to the EOD Armor's chest piece, save for its fire effect and the absence of the EOD Armor's lights near the shoulders and center.

In contrast to the Recon Armor, which for a time was a Bungie-only armor set, the Bungie armor will not be given out to anyone outside the company.

The armor effect is known as "Eternal" and also released the Bungie Nameplate.

UPDATE: Bungie addressed the armor's art at greater length in a Thursday post on its website that answered many of the lingering questions about the "why" and "how" of it all.

Since Bungie hasn't ever outwardly demonstrated a penchant for hateful sensibilities, I'm willing to chalk up the "renounce" usage as a typo. The armor in question is a legendary-rarity Hunter gauntlet called Road Complex AA1.

I sincerely believe that the studio as a whole has the best intentions, and — as the earlier tweets stated outright — is a generally progressive team.

According to Bungie, the offending piece of art was created in 2015 as part of "gear foundry explorations" (which is a kind of brainstorming workshop).

The art was later — it's not clear when — reviewed by a team responsible for examining in-game creations that could touch on "cultural, geographical, and other sensitive issues," but that team only noted the image's connection to an older, innocuous meme.

Is it possible this was just a mistake and a coincidence? That said: I think it's more likely that this was an intentional nod to a white supremacist-related symbol than not.

The resemblance is just too close, and the modern white supremacist movement often trades in misdirection and double-meanings.

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