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Being "too happy to write" is certainly a relatable emotion, but few films feature better last lines than this one … if only we could each be that one reader to which the line refers. But to call "5 to 7" a "romantic comedy" is to evoke images of all sorts of rom-com clichés that this film does its best to avoid.

If you are open to some heartfelt sentimental romance, then give this one a watch. There were moments when I expected the movie to go in a predictable direction, and it didn't.

He crosses the street and the two exchange some clever banter.

Just like that … the story begins and their lives are forever changed.

Now, I don't usually do this, but I feel the need, for the sake of my personal safety, to begin this review with a disclaimer: Although I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, no one with whom I have been, am or might one day be in a relationship should read into this review any approval on my part of any of the attitudes or activities depicted in this movie or any desire on my part to engage in such activities. She's outside smoking, he's a smoker too, he speaks a little French, yada yada yada, another Big Apple romance is born. She and her diplomat husband, Valery (Lambert Wilson, a veteran of both French and American films), are each free to take a lover, as long as they are discreet and only "get together" between the film's titular hours.

Brian moves from confused to freaked out, but he goes for it.

Familiar with French language, but unfamiliar with customs, Brian is brought up to speed on "cinq a sept" affairs – a tradition in France, where a married person's whereabouts are not questioned during the period after work and before home.

As you might guess, the affair does wonders for Brian as he is finally experiencing the world … passion … connection.

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Love stories these days tend to take either the direction of snark or sap (or whips).We begin with a narrator proclaiming that some of the best writing is found on the tribute plaques attached to the benches within Central Park.Those plaques are used a few times throughout the film to drive home a particular situation or status within the story.What Fran doesn't count on is that she falls for John's similarly aged friend, Mike Mc Mullen.Maggie thinks that Fran is being hypocritical by forbidden her to see John, while she still gets to date Mike who is also eight years younger than her.

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