Addiction recovery and dating

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They may still be working through emotional and psychological issues that they used to numb with drugs and alcohol.

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Not only does the year timeframe allow individuals to get a solid foundation in recovery where they are less affected (triggered) by the emotional stressors of a relationship, they get time to develop a greater sense of love and appreciation for themselves, which will allow them to pick better partners. Should you be upfront about your sobriety, or share that you’re in recovery?

Individuals can begin to identify relationship patterns, including patterns of abuse or codependency, and learn how to establish healthy boundaries with others and set higher standards. Should you date someone who also abstains from alcohol or is it OK if the person is a social drinker?

All professionals will agree that dating someone with an active addiction is a big no-no.

I absolutely believe that one should be upfront and honest about being in recovery.

Not only is honesty an important cornerstone of recovery, but the current dating culture is so intertwined with drinking and social situations that involve alcohol it’s important to set those boundaries up front.

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